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A Christmas Photo Shoot

Number of comic pages: 8


Publisher/Author: John Persons comics The Pit
Number of comic pages: 6

Emo Cocktail 2

Publisher/Author: Innocent dickgirls
Number of comic pages: 15

Home Construction

Publisher/Author: BlacknWhite comics
Number of comic pages: 49

Farm Girl

Publisher/Author: illustrated interracial
Number of comic pages: 120

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Erotic comics are the first vivid presentation of sexually explicit stories. They begin from the time when the medium was developed. Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, and other aristocrats were caricatured in sexually explicit pamphlets such as The Royal Dildo and The Royal Orgy. In the 1930s, there were produced Tijuana bibles – square, eight-page pamphlets with black printing on cheap white paper. The artwork ranged from excellent to crude and was sometimes also racist. Their stories were explicit sexual adventures usually featuring well-known cartoon characters, political figures, or movie stars (without permission). In the United States, Pulp magazines such as Harry Donenfeld’s Spicy Detective featured comics on heroines who lose their clothing. Many of the early comic publishers got their start in the Pulps and then going on to found DC Comics. You can read more about the history here, or visit Wikipedia

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